EOM/Human Resources

Best education requires suitable personal to support all aspects of the learning process. When it comes to tailor made educational programs (TMEP), special skills, qualification and life experience are vital for successful fulfillment of all teaching tasks.

The recruitment of pedagogical personnel (teachers) – Identifying teachers profile:

  1. basic pedagogical skills.
  2. Basic professional skills.
  3. Compatibility with humanistic educational approach.
  4. The extent of his involvement in the field he is supposed to teach

All those considerations made by our pedagogical experts alongside leading figures from specific field to be educated.

The recruitment of a Para-pedagogical personnel:

  1. Maintenance – tecchnical teams are the most skillful in our institute. Able to handle highly advanced equipment. First to update with all technological improvement. In our vision, pedagogical maintenance teams should be leading figures in this line of industry or service which they support.
  2. Other Para pedagogical members should also be aware for the special educational content. Nurses and other medical staff must become aware of special body risks and injuries attach with some profession, as same as school counselor must be aware to stress attach with some position and came out with ways how to handle it.

Training of teams to the educational tasks: A detailed programs technique needed to train them to their new role