Over the last few decades, we have been witnessing a growing structural gap between the technological world and the world of educational systems. In the days of fast ecological changes (high-technology, climate changes and demographic evolvements), ‘slow-learn’ educational systems fail to update with the ever-succeeding demands. This gap calls for better adjustment. By the beginning of the 21st century, nations that aspire to manage knowledge societies and knowledge economies must re-reason the role of traditional governmental educational systems, and strive to assert new formulas for a better integration between education, markets and population. This new formula should increase productivity, strengthen the sense of relevance and establish belonging through the whole society and for the well-being of society as whole. To this reason, this formula must encourage new dynamic and innovative ‘players’ to become influential in the field of national education and a bridge between  pedagogics and the different needs and urgencies presented by the markets. This is where FE comes to play.

FE is an initiator, accelerator, moderator, co-coordinator and supporter of educational processes, that takes place on a national scale and whose purpose is to create better integration between schools and its outer world.

FE seeks to build joint ventures with local partners, and establish and operate superior, tailor made educational systems that are open to various education related opportunities. FE strongly believes in using data to identify and analyze opportunities, and develop the curriculum, spaces and methodologies to exploit them.