Future education is an international company, registered in Israel and operating from Tel-Aviv – Israel. Future Education was established in order to support educational systems and organizations working on national scale. Future education’s main concern is with pedagogical systems functioning within an ever-changing environment. Our main reason is to create better adjustment and better balance between the realm of economy and society and the realm of education.

We share lifelong international experience, accumulated through variety of projects and management of educational systems, at the State, province and city level. Such initiatives had guided the formulation of advanced educational concepts and systems that are working and delivering value to many in Israel and worldwide.

We share humanistic pedagogical approach and vision. Education is the soil on which society is grounded and students are the seeds of tomorrow. Education is all about caring and tenderness. We aim to educate the young generation to creativity, innovation and proactivity, while simultaneously delivering scientific knowledge, technology, entrepreneurship and related social awareness and social skills.