The team is composed of and in alignment to four different fields of expertise essential for educational entrepreneurship:

  1. Management and operation of educational systems and institutes
  2. Educational thinking and development of advanced learning programs
  3. Bridging education systems with the educational environment – policy and administration in the public sector, community and partnerships
  4. Recruiting of educational technology
Amiad Gurewitz

Amiad Gurewitz

CEO and Founder

A leading Israeli educational entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience in the educational and academic fields. For the last six years, Amiad Gurewitz has served as the CEO of the Atid group – the largest private educational network in Israel (from kindergarten to college, national and international covering four continents), and has led it to a growth of more than 600%. Amiad specializes in establishing and managing schools and educational institutes and is one of the founders of the largest academic college in Israel. He is an economist specializing in education and labor economy. Gurewitz is responsible for educational joint ventures all over the globe – including China, Russia, Germany, the EU and Africa. He is a director of TME (Ten Minutes Education), founder of TMS China (Ten Minutes School China) and serves as the CEO of FE. In addition, he is responsible for recruiting new technologies and creating business opportunities.

Prof. Yoram Harpaz

Prof. Yoram Harpaz

Academic Director

With a PhD in Education (written at Harvard University & Hebrew University and guided directly by David Perkins), Prof. Harpaz is certainly the most influential pedagogue in Israel in the past years. He is the head of the Principal Training Department in Beit Berl College, Israel. Harpaz has extensively published books on various aspects of education, especially teaching critical and creative thinking, which have been translated to several languages. He is an international lecturer and trainer in progressive education, and hasserved as an advisor to several Ministers of Education around the world.

Prof. Harpaz is responsible for developing, adjusting and assimilating of all educational and training programs. 

Mrs. Dalit Stauber

Mrs. Dalit Stauber

Government and Community Relationship

With a rich experience in education, Stauber served as the director general of the Ministry of Education in Israel (until 2014), under which she managed a budget of over 12 billion USD and led several reforms (such as: strategic planning to adapt the education system to the 21st century; positioning and validating cooperation with the third sector; assimilating data-based work processes). Today, Stauber is a lecturer and member of the development team and board of trustees of an academic college and as a chairperson of another. In addition, she is a member and director of several board committees (e.g. Yad Vashem; the international advisory assembly of the Trump Foundation; executive committee of the Center for Citizen Empowerment;  the Inter-ministerial team to formulate a strategy for the development of Human Capital Reserves; the Public Broadcasting Corporation; the Israel Consumer Council).

Mrs. Stauber is responsible for Government relations and cooperation with the third sector (community, industry and other relevant agents).